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7 Kinky Things She Loves But Won’t Tell You

1- Masturbation

Masturbation is a healthy part of life, so why not share it with your partner? If you’re not too shy, put your guard down and let her watch as you get acquainted with yourself. The whole voyeurism element has a certain mystique that might appeal to her. The big perk for you is that after she watches you please yourself, she might get a few new ideas or tips on how she can improve the way she pleases you.

2- Anal sex

Anal sex is a century-old position, but it tends to have a negative stigma attached to it. This might be why some couples have yet to venture into this unknown territory, and why some women might be a little shy when it comes to suggesting it. You can start slowly by spooning — the position in which you both lie on your sides, so that her back is facing you. This is a very slow and intimate way of starting, and it’s crucial to making anal pleasurable for her. Once you’ve mastered this, you can graduate to full-fledged, passionate anal sex (you know, the kind you see in movies).

3- S&M

Is she a control freak? Then maybe she’d like to try a little S&M. This is the practice by which you become submissive and let her boss you around with a few props, such as whips and handcuffs. It might get a little painful at times, so before the hot wax and nipple-pinching ritual begins, make sure you’ve established a code word, like “zebra” or “red light,” so she knows when to stop the action. You may be wondering, “What’s in it for me?” Well, you get to help her live out a lifelong fantasy, and you make her feel happy and secure in your relationship in the process. Plus, you get to see her in a hot leather outfit.


4- Sex toys

Sex toys are a fun and exciting way to put some heat back in the bedroom. You can take baby steps and begin with heated and flavored massage oils, then try applying some orgasm-enhancing lubricant to her genitalia, and finally, you can use a vibrator on her.

Once you’re both feeling a little more adventurous, you can tackle the world of dildos, anal probes and beads. Use them on her, let her use them on you, take turns, or find a way to use them on each other at the same time. Regardless of how you do it, this bit of kink is sure to kick-start a heated sexual frenzy.

5- Role-playing

If you dabbled in theater in high school, you now have the chance to star in your own show. Role-playing might be on her “must try” list of sexual fantasies. Map out interesting scenarios or pick real-life sexy couples to model yourselves after, then grab some fun costumes and let your imaginations guide you.

You might feel a little silly at first, but after a few “rehearsals,” you’ll probably start to like it. Some characters, like her French maid or your sultry Latin cabana boy, might start to make regular appearances in the bedroom.

6- Pole dancing

It’s no secret that most guys would love to see their significant other do a private sexy dance for them. Some couples even go as far as to have poles installed in their bedrooms. But have you ever thought about how you would fare dancing with that pole? I bet she has.

Why not surprise her with a sexy little dance of your own? Throw on one of her favorite songs, and just go for it! Feel free to do a little practice dance in front of the mirror when you’re alone. And don’t worry about making a fool of yourself — she’s likely to be so touched that you went through the trouble that she won’t even notice your two left feet.

7- Threesome

For the more adventurous, thrill-seeking woman, adding someone new into the mix might be interesting. That’s right  having a threesome isn’t necessarily only your fantasy. Some women have also entertained the idea. For those of you who are deterred by the idea of sharing your woman with another man, or just by the idea of being in bed with another man, don’t worry because another female fantasy that might come into play here is her desire to be with another woman.

Something important to note — before you start running a list of her friends through your head as possible candidates — is that threesomes might be dangerous for a relationship. So, make sure you discuss it thoroughly beforehand and you both understand what the boundaries and limits of this romp are.


My Dominant Wife

I was staring at my wife’s hands.  She has perfect hands.  Her nails are long and blood red.  I could not take my eyes off them because she was holding a 16-button length black kid leather glove.  She only wore the beautiful gloves when she was about to encourage sexual activity with her boyfriend Jason.  My wife is sexually dominant in our relationship.  I have a strong glove fetish and my wife knew this before we married.  Soon after our marriage she used my glove fetish to take over every aspect of my life. She took control of everything from finances to free time, and especially sexual release.  I was naturally submissive during sex and my dominant wife took full advantage of this.  She did agree to do one thing for me, and that was to always wear leather gloves during sex.  We never used any birth control.  She would simply tell me that if I didn’t cum in her she would give me a glove job when she was done.  I eagerly agreed with this and after we would make love I would dry off and wait for my wife to bring me off with her gloves.  I thought I was doing a good job satisfying her and my reward would be heavy teasing, dirty talk, and then ejaculation.  It was a perfect world.  Sometimes we would talk about my fantasies, she would tease me with her gloves and we would talk.  I would always tell her that she was an expert with her gloves and admitted I could deny her nothing.  One day during a particularly brutal teasing session I made the fatal mistake of telling her I thought she could control any man if she wanted.  She confronted me about this and playfully demanded clarification.  I simply explained that she could control any man if she chose to do this to him.  She continued to tease me and asked if I’d like her to do this to another guy.  My mouth meant to say no, but my wife knew my cock could also be used as a lie detector.  She said, “I can tell that’s a big yes!” and finished me.  At that point my life changed forever.  Future teasing sessions involved what I considered verbal abuse.  She would tease me telling me how she could also be gloving another guy and making me tell her how I would love to see her gloving another guy.  Her verbal abuse was brutally humiliating but my wife could tell by my sexual response that I loved it.  The more she humiliated me while wearing her gloves the more I became aroused.  I was lost and clearly my wife knew the only way out.  Then came the ultimate glove humiliation.

I didn’t know this but soon after this incident my wife met a guy named Jason.  He was also has a strong leather glove fetish.  At first their relationship was very private.  But as my wife became more proficient in her abilities to dominate and humiliate me she slowly began to reveal her relationship with Jason to me.  Since Jason was also a glove fetishist my wife took full advantage of both of us albeit in different ways.

When I first became aware of their relationship my wife would leave and meet Jason for sex.  Occasionally, my wife would ask me to leave our home and she would entertain Jason in my absence.  She said that she was more comfortable when they were alone and she was less inhibited.  As time went on my wife’s comfort level rose to include me staying home “securely tucked out of the way” while my wife and her boyfriend explored their private world of fetish sex.  On top of this she demanded that I not only support her relationship with Jason, but that I also encourage it.  She seemed most pleased when I would ask her when she planned on seeing Jason in order to schedule my frequent business trips around their dates.  At first her response would always be defensive saying “why, that’s none of your business”?  Then I would be forced to tell her that this was in order to help her spend quality time with her boyfriend.  At that point she would seem to reluctantly agree and tell me.  It was quite obvious to her that this was very humiliating to me and this is what she seems to take the most delight in.

Soon after this I discovered that a huge wooden wardrobe with heavy locks was delivered to our home.  It could only be used to do one thing, store my wife’s fetish outfits.

My wife never dominated me in the traditional sense.  No whips or chains or physical torture.  She would just effortlessly control me with my glove fetish.  My wife has never been intentionally cruel when she dominates me, unless as she calls it “I really need it”.  She has always been very loving and has always provided a means of sexual release for me at least a few times a week and after every session she has with Jason.  Typically she would return from her dates and simply ask me if I was ready to be finished.  Her tone is always even and matter of fact adding to my humiliation.  She would always use what she calls her “honey-do gloves”.  These gloves are the first and only pair we purchased together.  They were black 2-button length Napa leather gloves of comparatively low quality.

My method of release would always depend on her mood when she returned.  She always seems to be happy, but sometimes is exhausted from the sex.  Other times she is compassionate and accommodating.

When she is tired she will normally pull on her gloves and point her long leather covered fingernail towards the bathroom.  Once there she would place her left glove on my right shoulder and effortlessly guide me to my knees.  As I kneel on the hard tile she would stand next to me always keeping her glove on my shoulder and supervise while I masturbate.  At this point she would normally do one of two things.  She might hold her right glove in front of my face, slowly moving her fingers allowing me to observe how her long fingernails distort the look of the glove on her hand.  She knows how much this excites me and I usually cum quite quickly.  She might also rub the glove under my nose so I can smell the leather.  This also brings me to a furious finish.  Whichever method she chooses she always lightly rubs and pats my shoulder as I shoot my load onto the tile.  When I’m through I thank her and she removes her gloves and drops them wherever she is standing and leaves the room.  I, of course, am left to cleanup and put the gloves away.

When she is in more accommodating mood I will get to lie on a bed and she will give me a slow glove job keeping me on the brink with teasing for normally no longer than 5 minutes.  When she tires of this she’ll just rub me a little harder and I shoot my load all over my stomach.  Once I thank her she’ll just drop her gloves and leave.

Keep in mind; by now my wife’s relationship with Jason has been long term.  As with any relationship things cool down after a certain length of time.  When this began to happen my wife began to further exploit my fetish to extract my fantasies and consider them as possible sexual scenarios to stimulate their sexual activities.  She made it clear that if these ideas managed to rocket their sexual encounters to new levels she would be more likely to reveal ever increasing glimpses into her sexual encounters with Jason.

I was then given my first assignment.  My wife insisted that I must have a well thought out fantasy of what I believed her and Jason would be doing behind closed doors and she wanted me to write it down in great detail.  I assured her I did but asked if I would be able to fit the scene around fetish items she would really be using.  This was uncharted water for me.  As part of her domination/humiliation campaign against me her fetish wardrobe has always been completely off limits, securely locked in the wooden wardrobe.  When she was preparing for a date I would always be relegated to stay in a guest room so as never to see how my wife was dressed when she left to meet Jason.  With great suspicion my wife agreed to show me some items to work into the fantasy.

I was not surprised when I was not allowed to look at everything her and Jason had amassed.  My wife assured me that what I was about to see was only their latest acquisitions and would not come close to representing the entire stash.  I was instructed to strip naked and sit on the chair in the bedroom.

My wife emerged from the closet but was carrying nothing.  She then gave me my first glimpse into her sexual escapades.  She stated, “As you know Jason has a strong leather glove fetish and a side effect of that is a fetish for many other clothing items as well.  For instance he loves the way silk and fur look with leather gloves.  He also seems to like me to look a little trashy as well, so sometimes the outfits are simple, black seamed stockings, high heeled boots, a silk blouse, and 8 or 16 button length black kid leather gloves.”

My wife knew that I had never actually seen real honest to goodness high quality long leather gloves, and the fact that she had them and used them on her boyfriend was both devastating and exciting at the same time.  My wife said that I looked as though all the blood had been drained from my face and “apparently it went someplace else”.  She went on to explain that during their most recent sessions Jason was very fond of the way she looked in a new black silk blouse they had recently purchased together.  This would be added to black seemed stockings, black leather knee boots, and of course her ever-present long black kid leather gloves.  Only once during their most recent encounters had he asked for 8-button length, so she thought it would definitely be the 16-button length gloves that she would be using.

She left me momentarily, retuning with 2 boxes and a black silk blouse on a hanger.  She placed the boxes on the bed and held up the blouse in front of her.  It was a very attractive blouse with buttons up the front, shoulder pads, and very thin, almost transparent sleeves.  She threw that on the bed and opened the larger of the 2 boxes.  She then carefully lifted up one of the black leather high-heeled boots and held it directly in front of me.  It was truly beautiful.  She carefully placed the boot back in the box and then she turned her attention to the smaller white box.  She very slowly, and very deliberately opened the box.  Then it happened, she slowly pulled a long black leather glove from the box.  Her long nails held the tips of the fingers and slowly lifted the glove from the box.  The glove uncoiled from the box like a cobra from a basket.  She then pulled the glove over her right hand and up her arm.  She then ran her long nailed hands from the wrist all the way up the arm smoothing out the glove.  “Well what do you think?”  Before I could answer the phone rang.  My wife reached over to the nightstand and picked it up.  She talked for a moment, placed the phone between her ear and shoulder and casually picked up the other glove and pulled that one on while she talked.  I was in a haze.  I don’t know whom she was talking to.  All I could do is sit there and look at my wife wearing the most incredible pair of leather gloves I had ever seen.  I sat transfixed as she nonchalantly made hand gestures, placed a glove on her hip, and moved the phone to the other shoulder.  Then I realized she was talking to Jason.  I heard her, in a very matter of fact manner say “Yes, I’m doing it right now, (pause) yes, (pause) just like we agreed, (pause) just the blouse, boots and gloves, (pause) just the 16s, (pause) I’m not doing that (laughing)”.  She agreed with a couple other things then hung up the phone and turned back to me.

There I was, sitting in a chair, in my own home, looking at my wife wearing the most exciting gloves I could ever dream of.  I had just listened to my wife; talking to her boyfriend right after listening to her detailing the fetish items she wears and uses with him.  My heart was pounding, my breathing was short, my cock was beat red and at full attention.  My dominant wife walked over to me.  She spoke, but I could not understand her.  It was as though a large explosion with a blinding flash of light had occurred.  I was on sensory over load and couldn’t process what she was saying.  When she spoke again I finally heard her.  “Honey, are you OK?”  I quickly snapped back to reality, took a deep breath and said yes.  Clearly my wife could see what affect all this was having on me.  She then asked, “Is this going to be too much for you?  If you can’t handle this we can do something different.  We just thought you’d like a little involvement that’s all.  Do you want me to stop?”  Of course I had to say no.  Only later could I recount the event and realize that this was a well thought out attack on my overpowering fetish and she knew that I could never back out now.

My dominant wife then very simply stated “well, that should be enough motivation for you”.  She then carefully removed the gloves, placed them in the box and returned all the items to the wardrobe.  When she returned she said, “I’d give you a glove job but I think a little anxiousness will prevent any writers block.  Now get writing!”

Worshipping Rachel’s Ass

I had just returned home when the telephone rang. It was Rachel and she sounded quite stern.

We had once worked together at a nightclub. She was a pretty and very popular young bartender and I was the burly bouncer. Despite our twenty years age difference her and I got along quite well. Rachel was a sexy bitch and she knew it. Her legs were natural wonders that led to one of the bests asses I have ever seen. I spent a lot of time sneaking looks. We often joked about my admiration for her body. One day when the air conditioning was down she took a bar napkin and wiped the sweat from her forehead and neck. As she finished I asked if I could have the napkin. Smiling and asking why she held it above her head. I told her it would be a great for me to use in some personal time at home. Laughing she stuck it down between her breasts, swabbed it around a bit and handed it to me with a smile.

“Be sure not to waste it” she said.

That night I held it to my nose while masturbating. The orgasm was intense.

Holding the phone to my ear I heard her ask, “did you talk with Kristen today?”

“Well yes I did Rachel.”

“You told her you jerk off thinking of me?”

Again the answer was yes but she already knew that. I could not deny what we we both knew was true. I had spent many a moment spanking myself with Rachel’s ass on my mind. We had joked about it. I had never however, mentioned it to anyone else. It seemed I had altered the reality of the fantasy by discussing it with Kristen.

“We need to talk about this” she told me. “This needs to be cleared up today, get over to my place now!”

On my way there I ran it all through my mind. She seemed truly angry. Why had Kristen said anything? Why had I mentioned it to Kristen? Rachel could be tough and also possessed a mean streak. I was nervous as I actually valued her friendship as much if not more than the fantasies I had built around her.

When I got to her place she let me in and stared daggers at me for what seemed like ten minutes. I just stood there uncomfortable not knowing what to do or say. She didn’t even ask me to sit down. She stared at me and I stared at my feet.

“We’ll settle this thing today” she said, “right now!” She pointed to a door that led to another room. “Get your fucking ass in there Billy, I’ll be in to deal with you in about ten minutes!”

My mind began to race. I couldn’t quite figure out what was happening. Rachel left the room and I walked to the door that she had pointed to. Opening it and stepping in increased the confusion. The room was empty save for a wooden chair and two large floor mirrors angled in the back corners. The front and side walls had full mirrors mounted on them. No matter where you stood in the room you were reflected in glass. All angles were covered. Looking up I saw that the ceiling was also mirrored. My confusion became tinged with excitement.

A note was taped to the ceiling mirror. On it were succinct instructions; “Billy, remove your clothing fold them neatly and place them by the door. Then kneel quietly in the middle of the room with your back to the door.”

My stomach tightened and my groin stirred. Stripping quickly I placed my clothes by the door and knelt in the center of the room. I saw myself naked and hard in the mirror. With a gym rat’s body and six tattoos’ I was comfortable in my appearance. My erect cock began to throb. Unable to stop myself I began to rub it lightly. I knew to relax a bit and still was not sure where this thing was going.

Ten minutes passed, then maybe fifteen. I was going crazy but it was a good crazy. I felt vulnerable and exposed. It felt good.

I heard the door open and saw Rachel enter in the mirrors reflections. She wore tight blue jeans, four inch spiked heels and a black halter top. She stopped behind me and looked down at me, then looked up at the mirror.

“Look at you Billy, naked on your knees just for me.” More blood left my brain and rushed to my already engorged crotch. “I see you you Billy, my naked little stroker. I see your bare ass at my feet, I see you stroking your dick, I see you for what you are Billy, my own naked little stroking worshipping bitch. Take your hands off that cock and put them on your thighs Billy. No stroking until I say so.”

I complied and knelt there looking at the both of us in the mirrors.

Rachel walked about ten feet to my left.

“Speak to me Billy, tell me what you want to see.”

My mouth was dry as sand and my tongue felt like gravel. Words would not come until I swallowed a few times and licked my lips wet.

“Rachel” I began, I’ve always wanted you. I’ve always wanted to see your ass. I dream of it all of the time and imagine how it looks, how it feels and how it tastes. I masturbate thinking of your ass almost every day.”

She laughed low and throaty.

“You want to see my ass Billy, you want to taste it?”

“Yesss Rachel. I’m naked at your feet, I’ll do whatever you want, I ‘m begging you let me see your ass. Show me your bum Rachel pleeeeease.”

“Go ahead and play with your cock Billy!” she said as she turned around  so I could see her denim covered backside in the front mirror.

My right hand began to run slowly up and down my shaft as my left and went to my swollen balls. Rachel held a hand to each cheek of her ass and caressed herself sexily. This caused me to moan and to stroke a little faster and stronger. She bent forward and slapped each cheek in turn five or six times.

I heard some clicking and suddenly realized that Kristen had entered the room with her camera. Any sense that I may have still possessed left me. My excitement was such as I had never before experienced. Rachel was flaunting her ass for me and Kristen was taking pictures as I masturbated like a slut on my knees. My God I thought, this is incredible!

“Is this what you want Billy you little stroker, Is this what you want?”

“Oh yesss Rachel! My God yess! YESS! I want to see you ass! I need to see your ass! I want to taste it on my tongue, I neeeed to taste it! Pleeease let me see it and taste it! Oh pleeease! PLEASSE!”

She stepped in front of me and told me to stop stroking my dick. As painful as this was, I stopped. panting and breathing heavily I looked up at her and begged;

“please Rachel let me see and taste your ass!”

Rachel turned and stepped forward as Kristen snapped away with the camera. Bending over slightly she presented her ass and told me to walk on my knees to her ass. This I did while the camera whirred and my tongue dripped.

“Kiss it through the jeans” she  commanded. “Just kiss it, no licking, no biting and don’t use your hands. Just kiss it!”

Leaning forward I began to kiss the ass I had long coveted. Side to side, up and down I covered her beautiful ass with my lips. They were wet and hungry. It was all I could do not to chew right through her pants.

“You can touch yourself again Billy but don’t cum. That is for a special little trick later.”

With wet lips and an electric dick I was in heaven.

Rachel suddenly stepped away leaving my mouth kissing air. I looked up and she was still there with her back to me. I stared longingly at her ass and then looked to Kristen. She had unsnapped her pants and was reaching for her pussy with one hand while handling the camera with the other.

“Watch me now Billy” Rachel commanded as she slowly lowered her jeans about two inches. “Is this what you want to see? Is this your fantasy?” Look at it Billy, look at my ass”?

There it was, right in front of me. The top of Rachel’s ass. I moaned out loud and began to stroke even faster. I leaned forward and gasped out loud. Rachel laughed and dropped her jeans to the floor. She bent and stepped out of them as I feverishly masturbated and tried to speak. She laughed louder as did Kristen.

“Oh my God Rachel, Oh MY God!” I blurted.

At that moment I became nothing but eyes tongue and cock. I reveled in the sight of her ass, it’s contours, it’s skin and her firm round cheeks. My tongue watered and yearned and my dick raged. My mind soared and my body throbbed.

“Go ahead Billy, worship my ass like you will never get another chance. Worship this ass with your tongue!”

That I did with a greedy vengeance. I consumed every inch with licks, kisses and nibbles. I held a cheek in each hand and worked from the hip in on each cheek. The taste was incredible. Soon I tentatively stuck my tongue at the top of her ass crack. A taste of sweet sweat greeted me and I very slowly worked my tongue downward not knowing what to expect. How much was too much? How far was too far?

“Thats a good boy Billy” I heard Kristen say. “Worship her ass like you would a goddess, taste it and savor it!”

As I got closer to the prize Rachel, to my surprise and delight stuck her ass further back into my face in anticipation. My tongue found her her sweet asshole and she groaned lightly as I flicked around it. This spurred me to greater effort.

“You found what you want Billy, now eat it good!”

With that encouragement I probed deeper with my tongue. Rachel continued to moan deeply and again pushed her sexy ass back into my face. Her taste and essence overwhelmed.

“This is what you wanted” she panted. “Get that tongue in deeper you fucking ass slut!”

My head was spinning with joy and effort. Holding her hips firmly with my hands my tongue and lips worked frantically as she wriggled and squirmed. I became aware of her fingers dancing around her pussy  as I inhaled and swallowed her sweet and tart juices. I was having some trouble breathing but did not care. I could get enough. My tongue was deep in the ass of my dreams.

Rachel suddenly dropped to her knees and then to her belly on the floor. I followed with face and body without losing contact.

“Billy” she gasped! Let me see your face in my ass. Lick my asshole while I watch!”

From her position on the floor she could see and watch as I knelt naked between her legs with my face deep into her ass. She fingered herself as I licked and tongued. She moaned, I groaned and Kristen clicked away.

Kristen stopped with the camera and said;

“Stop it now Billy and just kneel and look at her ass. I want you to stroke yourself and look at her ass. Tell us all about it now!” Cum on her ass Billy while savoring her taste on your tongue. Make yourself cum on Rachel’s ass you naked naughty boy!”

Rachel watched intently as I stroked myself. Looking at her ass I thought of all the years I had dreamed of this moment. I spoke to her of my urges and desires. My hand moved faster and faster. I was getting close and both Rachel and Kristen knew it. My whole  mind, my whole existence was focused on Rachel’s ass bared before me and covered in my spit.

Rachel spoke. “Don’t you cum Billy unless you are willing to lick it all of my ass! Thats’s the deal Billy you have to lick all your cum from my ass! Kristen and I want to see it! We want you to be a cum licker!”

That put me over the top!

“Ohhh Jesssuus” I screamed! My ass tightened and my gut felt as it were leaving my body. The moment was here and and I tried to prolong it. Oh God! Oh RACHEL! FUCK! AHHHH! RAAACHELL! My GOD! I Love your ass, I love the taste on my tongue! RAAACHEL!

I released a torrent. It was incredible! My entire body drained as I released powerful bursts of pent up energy. Large streams of cum flew out and splashed on her ass.The orgasm consumed me and seemed to last forever. I watched in the mirror. Rachel watched in the mirror. I saw Rachel’s beautiful ass. I saw my dick. We watched each other as we watched ourselves. My cum splashed and rolled down her cheeks. Kristen kept clicking away.

Falling forward I collapsed face first into Rachel’s cum covered ass. Panting and breathing heavily I began to lick my cum from her cheeks. Rachel lay on her belly purring.

“That’s a good little slut Billy!”

More Than Just A Pizza

It was a rainy and cool autumn night, a nice change from the long, hot summer. It had been a busy day and so I decided to call for a pizza to be delivered. In the meantime I took a long, hot shower to relax.

My husband was working very late. One child was sleeping and the other was gone to a friend’s house overnight. Just as I was rubbing soapsuds all over my body, I heard the doorbell ring. Wouldn’t you know it? I suddenly remembered that I had ordered a pizza. I knew that the delivery person would be standing in the rain, so I quickly put on a very short red silk robe. I was still wet so it was sticking to my body all over. I ran to the door and opened it to find the pizza kid who was also quite wet. I told him to come in out of the rain. When he stepped into the light of the hall, I was very happily surprised. He was about 6 feet tall, dark hair, brown eyes, very good looking, young but “old enough”.

I was immediately excited. My nipples got hard under the wet silk and I think he noticed. My robe was coming open a little bit when I took the pizza and went to get the money so he could see more of my breasts. I was shaking when I was coming back from the kitchen with the money and I dropped some of it. He helped me pick it up and I could tell he was breathing heavily.

When we stood up I noticed how hard he was. His cock looked so big even under his clothes that I knew I couldn’t resist trying to seduce him. I made some silly small talk to keep him there. He seemed in no hurry to leave although he was nervous and so was I. I just kept moving closer and closer to him as we talked until we were touching, leg to leg. To touch him was like electric pleasure running straight through me. I reached over and began to gently run my hands up and down his thighs. Before he could speak I kissed his lips, gently at first, then more deeply and urgently until our mouths were open with passion. I felt his nice little ass and then his cock through his pants. I had to have it. Shaking like a leaf I began to unzip his pants. His hands were all over me. I could hardly catch my breath, I was so excited. He took my robe off and felt my breasts and nipples. I asked him if it was his first time. He said “Yes”. I was going crazy. I whispered “I’ll make it so good for you, baby”. When I got his pants off, his cock was so big and beautiful I knew I would come as soon as it was inside me. My pussy was wet and swollen and aching to have it. But it would have to wait.

Without his clothes he had a nice slender body and it was very warm and good to touch. I asked him to sit on the stairs, that I wanted to suck him. I sat on the floor in front of him between his legs. I was in a perfect position to do it there. I started by licking his cock all the way up to the head lots of times, and especially around the head where it flares out. I love that part because it feels so good pulling inside on the outstroke. I wanted to get fucked by him so badly. I licked the head of his cock and kissed it and sucked it gently at first, then harder and deeper into my mouth He was really enjoying this and began to fuck my mouth a little. When he came in my mouth I sucked all of it. I loved it.

We traded places on the stairs so he could do it to me. I had to sit higher up being shorter of course. I spread my legs open for him so eagerly. My clitoris was so big and hard I think he was happily surprized. The wetness was just oozing out of me. He was hard again and I showed him how to lick my clit, not too fast and then how to suck it gently and rhytmically until I came and came from it.

We couldn’t put it off any longer and together tumbled on to the floor. He was lying on his back so I squatted down over that big cock. I had to ease it in slowly. It was so big and I was swollen tight with desire. The feeling was incredible. By the time he was all the way in me I had a blinding orgasm. I know I cried out but could not help it. Then I was immediately building up to the next orgasm. He came pretty soon after some really good deep strokes. It felt so good when his warm come filled me up inside.

Soon he was hard again and we fucked longer. I could feel him getting bigger and bigger inside of me as we fucked. It was excrusiatingly fantastic. I was coming the whole time he was fucking me it seemed. He got on top of me and fucked me. Over and over I felt myself tighten up and come and I could tell he felt that too. I got on my hands and knees so he could fuck me from behind.

Finally we were exhausted. I helped him get dressed while I kissed him all over and he did the same to me. I wondered how many pizzas never got delivered that night as he left. Maybe I should order another one soon.

First time with the step

Mark was still feeling down about his mother’s death three years ago. She didn’t get to see him graduate high school last year or see him off to his first year at an Ivy League university this year. He was shy, wore glasses, and wasn’t a jock and had just an average build. He didn’t work out, preferring to focus on his studies. He was also very shy and lacked confidence in his looks so he didn’t date and as a result was still a virgin after that freshman year. He was also upset that his rich father, Jeff, had decided to move on and start dating again last year. He thought that most of the women his father had chosen to date were just air-headed bimbos — attractive women with little intelligence who were either after his money or who he was using to solve a midlife crisis.

However all that changed the day Mark came home for summer break after his first year of college. His father told him that he met a wonderful woman that he was going to marry and that she had a daughter who was a freshman at the big state university and they were all going to go out to dinner that night so everyone could meet. Mark looked at his father stunned asking how he could do this and his father told him “sometimes you just know when it’s the right person and I  wanted you to focus on your studies instead of being judgmental or worried about me.”

That night at dinner Mark saw why his father was smitten with Beth, his new bride-to-be. Beth was a lawyer who had a fantastic figure, great breasts, platinum blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She might have been in her 50s, but she looked like she was in her 30s. He was thinking that she truly fits the definition of a MILF. Beth’s daughter Jill obviously inherited her mother’s looks as she was a younger, sexier, version of her mother. Beth and Jill’s friendly smiles and demeanor put Mark at ease and there was great conversation between everyone during dinner. After dinner Mark told his dad that he had picked a winner.

The wedding took place in early August, before Mark and Jill had to return to their respective colleges. One night after the new family had moved into their shared home, Jill  knocked on the door to Mark’s room and then entered without waiting for a response, wearing just a long t-shirt that barely covered her ass, and said to him “I’ve noticed the way you’ve been checking me out, why haven’t you said anything to me about it? You know you’re kind of cute” Mark stammered, not knowing what to say, as he had barely enough time to stash the porn magazine he had been jerking off to. Jill looked down and smiled, noticing Mark’s 7-inch hard on sticking up under the covers, and said to him “I can help you with that” and proceeded to reach down and begin stroking Mark’s cock through the sheets while leaning in to give him an open-mouthed kiss.

Mark couldn’t believe this was happening. Here was a girl, more beautiful than any of the ones he had jerked off to, kissing him and giving him a hand job. He just closed his eyes and ran his hands through her long blonde hair as his tongue wrapped around hers. The excitement of it all was getting to be too much to handle and he had to push her hand off his cock before he shot his load.  She whispered in his ear “that’s ok, but let’s get naked and have some fun” and proceeded to pull off her shirt to reveal a set of 38Bs and a nicely trimmed pussy that had just a small patch of blonde hair above it. He hurriedly yanked off his shirt and went right for her breasts, kissing them and sucking on them.  To his lips they felt just the right size compared to some of the fake-looking ones he’s seen in the porn magazines and films he’s looked at. She just smiled and sighed at the feeling, wrapping her hands around his head pulling him to her chest. She then asked “are you a virigin? Afraid of cumming to soon? That’s ok, we can take things slow as you want” He sighed as she just hugged him.

After a couple of minutes she pushed his head down and told him to kiss and lick his way lower. He planted soft kisses on her chest and belly until he got down to her inviting pussy. At this point, autopilot took over as he relied on what he had seen in porn movies and read in letters in the magazine to know what to do. He cupped his hands under her ass to bring her closer to his face and then dove in, running his tongue all along the lips of her pussy, occasionally slipping it between them. He was in heaven enjoying the sweet taste of her honeypot. Her sighs turned into soft moans as his tongue slid up and down and then in and out between the fleshy folds of her womanhood. He slid a hand around slightly and began to finger-fuck her slowly with his index finger while drawing the lips of her wet pussy into his mouth one at a time so he could savor her taste. This got her moaning louder, which in turn got his cock harder.

After 10 minutes of eating her out, he stood up, took a condom from the nightstand next to the bed (he had them there to make his father think he was getting some), put it on, and then put her legs over his shoulders and slid inside her making her moan even more. He leaned forward and gave her an open-mouthed kiss and whispered to her how good she felt. He began thrusting into her hard and fast, just like he had fantasized about while looking at porn. Her moans turned into screams of pleasure which became sensory overload for him and he lasted just a few more thrusts before shooting his load while his cock was deep in her pussy. He laid on top of her breathing hard, telling her how great it was and that he couldn’t believe this was happening.

She told him to roll over onto his back because things weren’t over yet. He complied and she removed the condom, emptying the contents into her mouth, to which she said “you taste so good” and then got on her knees and started to give him his first blowjob. The sensation of her mouth on his cock was greater than he could have imagined. Her wet lips slid up and down providing just the right suction as he watched his entire cock disappear into her mouth and he could feel the tip hitting the back of her throat. He was in heaven as she deep-throated him, and he gently put his hands down on the back of her head, running his hands through her blonde hair. Then she switched to stroking him while licking his balls, caressing each one with her tongue before slowly sucking it into her mouth. She switched hands and played with his balls while licking up and down the length of his now hard-again cock which was sticking straight up.Eventually she reached over to the nightstand and grabbed another condom and slid it onto him while sucking on his balls. She then climbed onto top of him and slowly slid her pussy down on his erection moaning as each inch disappeared inside her. She started to slowly move up and down on his cock, grinding her hips as she went, putting her hands on his chest for support. She did this for several minutes before having Mark sit up and bury his face in her cleavage while she continued the slow and steady pace, moaning loudly, wanting to make sure he lasted longer this time. After another five or ten minutes in this position she said to him “I need it hard and fast again, I’m going to get off you and you’re going to do me from behind.” Mark smiled as this was the favorite fantasy position.

She climbed off him and turned to face the headboard. She put her hands on the headboard, looked over her shoulder, smiled at him and said “do me now big boy”. With that Mark took his cock in hand and slowly rubbed it up and down the lips of her pussy before he pushed himself in. Once he was all the way in he grabbed her hips and started thrusting hard and fast. Her shouts of “yes! yes!” encouraged him onward as he slid his hands up to her breasts and held on to them for several more strokes before moaning “oh god” and pulled her back to him so he could kiss her while he shot his second load while buried deep inside her. Both breathing hard, they leaned forward and used the headboard for support before laying down together. They smiled at each other and Jill said “that was fun we’ll have to do that again sometime” and put her clothes back on and left the room.